Friday, January 21, 2011

Latest Security Breaches

So all of a sudden lately we have seen a bit of a rise in breaches going on:


This one was a compromise of user/password information. Reminds us not to use the same password for different sites. Password management software is good to use.

IBM Developer

Website defacement of one of IBM's sites. Here we learn that we need to do web app testing. It is stated that IBM was doing maintenance during the hack. That sounds like some good timing, but if it is the case, then take some protective measures as you "perform maintenance/pull down your pants to use the bathroom".

Another user/password compromise. Trapster Iphone/Droid apps dont require registration but those who have, may have been compromised. Another Gawker type incident. Tweet from this incident:
"Don't use the same password on multiple sites!"

Lush Cosmetics
Website attack that resulted in the loss of credit card data. Makes you think twice who you decide to shop with.